Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yuletide TV Day 21: Misfits

Series: Misfits

Episode: S2E7 "Christmas Special (Episode Seven)"

Original airdate: October 25, 2010

Santa? Nathan in a Santa suit

Other holidays mentioned: None

Availability: Hulu

Unique Christmas Story:
I'll start this with a warning. This Christmas story is not appropriate for all ages. Misfits is a foul-mouthed show, but I had forgotten just how bad this episode was until I rewatched it. I tend to remember something for how good of story it tells, not how many crude jokes it makes, so believe me when I say underneath the sex jokes and language, there is a pretty good Christmas story being told.

In my American Dad! post I talked about the episode and how it dealt with the second coming of Christ. "Christmas Special (Episode Seven)" deals with a similar idea, although this Christ is a false one.

This episode is unique because it uses Christmas to advance the plot of the show forward by leaps and bounds. Misfits changed radically after this episode and it is because it introduced a concept that allowed it to play with the dynamics of the show.

"Christmas Special" introduces a character named Seth. Seth is a dealer, in super powers. He can absorb someone's powers and imbue them with new ones, for the right price. 

A priest at the community center is frustrated by the lack of people showing up for his Christmas services, so he takes what little money he has to buy a power that allows him to walk on water. Pow! New Jesus! People start sowing up and opening their pocket books, and the more they give, the more powers he is able to buy.

Meanwhile, the Misfits also find out about Seth, and in a combination of greed and frustration they decide to sell their own powers for cash. The only on who hesitates is Simon, the one among hem who embraces the responsibility that comes with the power he has received. However, even he ends up selling his power after being manipulated by his girlfriend.

Due to an unfortunate series of events, the Misfits realize they have taken their powers for granted, and look to get them back, only to find they don't have enough cash. To add insult to injury, Seth has already sold off some of their powers.

Despite their lack of abilities, the gang decides to confront fake-Jesus and steal the cash he has collected from his followers.

They return to Seth with the stolen cash, pushing the reset button for future seasons.

This episode has everything you could want for Christmas: Jesus, super powers, manipulating loved ones and lessons in giving and receiving.

Watch the entire episode below, and hit the comments with your Christmas musings.

Unique Christmas Message:
You never know the true value of what you already have.

Later today:
Have yourself, an emotionally devastating Christmas.

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